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100M Cars Recalled Since Start of 2014

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An estimated 100 million vehicles have been recalled in the U.S. since the start of 2014. Most of which have yet to be repaired.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there has been a record 74.2 million recalls in 2014. And, so far in 2015 there has been 25 million recalls.

The precise amount of vehicles recalled isn’t know, because some have been recalled multiple times. But, currently there are 254.7 million cars and trucks on U.S. roads according to reports by IHS Automotive.

This week a Takata airbag recall was expanded to include 34 million cars and has played a major factor in the amount of recalls for this year and last.

General Motors 2014 ignition switch problem has been tied to 104 deaths, has also boosted the amount of recalls. GM has admitted its employees were wrong for delaying that recall for almost a decade.

Many automobile owners fail to get their cars fixed even though the repairs are free. “There is an estimated 60 million recalled vehicles on the road that are yet to be repaired,” according to a spokesman from CarFax.

The NHTSA has a free app which allows drivers to look up their cars using the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN.