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Nevada Supreme Court Upholds Collateral Source Rule

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The Nevada Supreme Court has rendered its long-awaited decision in Tri-County Equipment and Leasing v. Klinke.

I will blog more on this case this weekend.

In the meantime, I can summarize this decision as follows.

Collateral source evidence, or evidence of the payment of bills by a party other than the adverse party, is generally inadmissable in Nevada.

The Court has upheld this general rule of law.

The Court has reaffirmed that worker's compensation payments are an exception to the rule and clarified for attorneys and courts how to deal with jury instructions on this issue.

The Court has indicated that it may consider the issue of whether "write-downs" (negotiated bill reductions) may be admissable when an appropriate case arises.

Collateral source evidence is still inadmissable in Nevada. More next week!