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NHP Investigates 14 Crashes: Driving In Fog Related Weather

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Nevada Highway Patrol was kept busy investigating 14 accidents in the Reno-Sparks area during a two-hour span last week due to frozen blanket fog, according to a news release. Eleven of the accidents involved property damage, while three involved minor injuries.

Fog related accidents are especially common during this time of year. For that reason we thought it might be a good time to go over some safety tips that can help ensure your safety in these hazardous conditions.

Driving Safely In Fog Related Weather

Fog can reduce visibility by ¼ mile or less, creating hazardous driving conditions. If you must travel adhere to the following safety tips.

Lights should be on low beams as high beams will only reflect back off the fog and further impair visibility.

Fog creates a slow motion effect when you may be driving faster than you realize, reduce speed.

Keep the radio low, if you can’t see, listen for traffic.

When driving in the fog, for maximum visibility use defrosters and wipers.

Be patient and follow the flow of traffic, don’t pass other vehicles.

Use the right side of the road as your guide.

In some climates the fog can freeze causing black ice.

Try to avoid stopping on a heavily traveled road. If the vehicle becomes disabled, turn off the lights and take your foot off the brake. People typically follow tail lights while driving in fog; move away from the vehicle when possible to avoid an injury.