Reno, Nevada


Steven J. Klearman

Responsibilities Of Property Owner For Snow And Ice Removal

Although this has been an unusually warm and January, it is only a matter of time before another round of snow and cold comes our way.  This past December’s record lows, coupled with snowfall in the valleys, led to significant […]

Steven J. Klearman

Evidence of Preexisting Condition in Nevada

In order for evidence of a prior injury or preexisting condition to be admissible, a defendant must present by competent evidence a causal connection between the prior injury and the injury at issue.  FGA, Inc. v. Giglio, 128 Nev. ___, […]

Steven J. Klearman

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In Nevada, as in the U.S., there are two primary means of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) utilized by those in the legal system. The first is arbitration, where a lawyer or a judge oversees a case, generally in a more […]

Steven J. Klearman

Nevada Hospitals Refuse to take Health Insurance

Did you know that if you’re in an accident and go to a hospital in Nevada you may not be able to use your health insurance? This is a hot topic among plaintiff’s counsel in Nevada and major Nevada hospitals […]

Steven J. Klearman

What to Say to Your Doctor After an Accident

It is extremely important to communicate with your doctors once you are injured. Among other things, make sure to tell your doctor how the accident happened. Also, it is crucial that you report past complaints or symptoms similar to those […]