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Steven J. Klearman

Johnson & Johnson Loses Lawsuit Linking Talcum Powder to Ovarian Cancer

Johnson & Johnson lost a case brought against them by a woman who alleged that her daily use of J&J products caused ovarian cancer. Jacqueline Fox, claimed she used the company’s talc-based Baby Powder and Shower products for 35 years. […]

Steven J. Klearman

Two Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Lumber Liquidators

The company Lumber Liquidators is facing two class action lawsuits in Nevada after a Las Vegas woman says she is moving out of her home because her new floors are allegedly toxic and making her family sick. The company was […]

Steven J. Klearman

Winter Safety: Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

In many areas the extreme cold has already brought snow and accompanying that cold weather will likely be big storms and power outages, which will in turn require the use of a portable generator. Most importantly, is to have an understanding on how […]

Steven J. Klearman

Your Guide To Acetaminophen Safety

One of the most widely used over-the-counter (OTC) drugs on the market is Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. You might be surprised to know there are more than 600 different drug products – both OTC and prescription – that […]

Steven J. Klearman

Carbon Monoxide And The Serious Consequences

A carbon monoxide leak was to blame when a tour bus headed for Reno had to make an emergency stop when several passengers became ill, according to California Highway Patrol. Officials reported that 13 of more than 50 passengers were […]

Steven J. Klearman

Winter Safety: Carbon Monoxide Hazards

An estimated 150 people die each year from accidental non-fire related carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in connection with consumer products such as water heaters, fire places and stoves. CO is…