Reno, Nevada


Steven J. Klearman

More Wierdness in Mack Trial

Yes, more wierdness in a case that’s had it’s share. First, Mack stabs his wife to death and shoots a judge (always the best way to endear oneself to the legal community about to determine your fate).Darren Mack flees, he’s talked into coming back by the D.A. (of all people).Darren Mack pleads guilty (before putting on a defense); now he’s changed his mind, fired attorney Scott Freeman (Mack…

Steven J. Klearman

Nevada Business Not Liable in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Are businesses in Nevada liable when their employees assault others while on the job? The Nevada Supreme Court has never really thought so and still doesn’t.The Court recently affirmed its longstanding views in this regard in set of holdings on this issue in Wood v. Safeway, decided on October 20, 2005. There, Jane Doe, a mentally handicapped woman, was working for Safeway Stores when she was…