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Avaulta Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Settled

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C.R. Bard, manufacturer of Avulta transvaginal mesh device, agreed to settle a woman’s claim that her implanted Avaulta transvaginal mesh caused her injury and complications that forcibly led to six surgeries. The agreement was reached before trial was to begin in West Virginia federal court.

The settlement terms were not released. In an e-mailed statement, Scott Lowry, a spokesman for the company said, that the agreement covered only this particular case, and not the thousands of other pending lawsuits against the company. This settlement is on the heels of a settlement last week that ordered Bard to pay $2 million in damages involving the same product.

“This is a large, complex litigation and Bard will consider each case based on the facts and merits,” Lowry said. “We will continue to vigorously defend against all other lawsuits involving Avaulta.”

Bard is currently facing more than 8,000 claims over Avaulta which has allegedly led to organ damage, painful sexual intercourse and more when the devices erode. Johnson & Johnson among other companies face similar complaints regarding their implants.

The Avaulta devices were pulled from the market last year when the FDA ordered all makers of the implants to study rates of organ damage, infection as well as pain during intercourse which was linked to their products.