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Two Deaths Linked To Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chairs

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Ace Bayou voluntarily recalled bean bag chairs, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), after the deaths of two children were linked to these chairs.

The bean bag chairs have zippers that can be opened by children who can then crawl inside and become entrapped and suffocate or choke on the chair’s foam beads. The voluntary standard requires non-refillable bean bag chairs to have closed and permanently disabled zippers.

To date, two children have died – a 3-year-old girl from Lexington and a 13-year-old boy from Texas after suffocating from lack of air and inhaling the beads. Both children were found inside the chairs. Parents and caregivers are urged to check the chairs for any zippers that can open and take those away from young children immediately. Ace Bayou should be contacted for a free repair kit that will help disable the zippers so they will not be able to be opened.

The chairs were sold at several stores including Walmart and Amazon. The round bean bag chairs were sold in three sizes, 30, 32 and 40 inches in diameter. The L-shaped bean bag chair measures 18 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 30 inches high. The CPSC Website has photos of the recalled bean bag chairs for easy reference.

For additional information please contact Ace Bayou toll-free at (855) 571-8151 or online at www.acebayou.com and click on “Recall Information” for more information.