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Wrongful Death Suit Seeks To Highlight Bus Safety

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The parents of Kaylee Derks recently filed a wrongful death suit against the Clark County School District as well as the bus maker and the bus driver.

In March 2012, Kaylee, 11, was struck and killed by her own school bus just blocks from her home, in front of the entrance to her neighborhood, after being dropped off.

The goal, for Kaylee’s parents isn’t the money, but rather to honor her memory as well as to make sure other children are going to be safe because of what happened.

Mark Henness, the attorney handling the lawsuit for Kaylee’s family says, “Someone needs to take responsibility for the death. That means taking a closer look at how buses are built — especially how a child may trapped underneath — routes and drivers’ training.”

“We put these bus drivers in complete control and safety of our children, Henness said. We need to make sure they’re constantly aware of what they’re doing, understand their routes, aware of their routes.”

Officials concluded the bus driver was not at fault and determined that Kaylee may not have seen the bus coming.