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Nevada Donor Network Sued By Family for Fraud

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The Nevada Donor Network is being sued by three sisters that allege the nonprofit was misleading when a representative convinced them to allow tissue to be harvested from their mother.

The suit alleges, that when their mother died unexpectedly, the Nevada Donor Nevada Network called and asked to harvest tissue from her body despite their mother being registered as a donor.

Moreover, an open-casket funeral was planned by the family to which a donor representative promised the procedure would be unnoticeable but, their mother’s body was “substantially disfigured.”

The sisters have filed a lawsuit claiming fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress and mishandling of a decedent’s remains. The suit further claims, the treatment of their mother’s body “caused the already stressful and emotional time of preparing a loved one’s funeral to be magnified exponentially.”

“We don’t want people to stop donating,” said Las Vegas attorney Gregory Coyer, who represents Bennett’s daughters. “This lawsuit is about informed consent.”