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Ridesharing Still Hindered in Nevada

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Despite serious backlash from both Nevada unions and government, Uber Technologies Inc. is not backing down from servicing the Silver State. The fast-growing rideshare app has swept the nation and is available in over 200 cities; yet the company had long avoided Nevada due to the state’s strict taxi regulation. Uber ultimately announced their expansion into Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City only to be met with a serious legal battle led by the Nevada taxi industry.

Uber began offering rides in Nevada on October 24th of this year and began receiving citations that same day. Uber does not follow the same guidelines as state taxi drivers, who are structured as to where and when they can pick up customers, are subject to drug tests, and abide by price regulation. Until Uber is willing to also accept these conditions, the state does not want the service operating. Uber continues to offer ridesharing and is compensating drivers for any impounding fees, citations, and other tickets they incur.

The state Supreme Court is fast-tracking a ruling on whether or not a case should be taken up to prevent Uber from operating in the state. Written arguments are to be submitted Friday November 21st in order for a ruling to be handed down prior to next week’s hearing before the Washoe County District Court in Reno.