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Shooting Range Sued For Wrongful Death By Widow

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A wrongful death complaint was filed, last month, by the widow of a gun instructor who was accidentally killed by a girl holding an Uzi.

The firearms instructor, Charles J. Vacca Jr., 39, was killed on August 25, 2014 at White Hills Shooting Range while he was instructing a 9-year-old girl handling a 9mm Uzi. Vacca was fatally wounded when the girl lost control of the weapon and shot him in the head.

The complaint, which was filed in Superior Court, contends the defendants are jointly liable for negligence by giving an unsafe Uzi to the girl at to the girl at the shooting range.

The suit seeks a jury trial for economic losses including funeral and burial costs among others. A court date is not yet scheduled.

No files have been charged at this time as the state determined no serious safety violations. But the shooting has spurred a heated debate about youngsters and guns, with many questioning why parents would permit a child to handle a sub-machine gun in the first place.