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With school and sports back in full swing head injuries and safety is a major concern. Concussions – temporary disruption of brain function – can occur with any head injury and often without loss of consciousness. And, while, we often hear about athletes suffering head injuries, most concussions involve fights, bicycle and car accidents. But there are symptoms you should be able to detect and preventative measures you can take to avoid such situations.

A concussion is also known as mild traumatic brain injury. Anyone that you suspect has suffered a head injury should be closely monitored and that goes for children as well as adults. An undiagnosed concussion can put someone at risk for brain damage and even disability; for that reason seeking medical attention is the best course of action.

The symptoms of divorce include but are not limited to nausea, vomiting, headache or pressure in the head, amnesia, dizziness and confusion. Kids typically recover in one to two weeks without long term complications.

Preventing Concussions

Childproof – Taking the time to childproof your home is easily the most important way to keep your infant and child safe from concussions and other injuries. Ensure your child has a safe place to explore and play but never leave him unattended.

Proper equipment – Safety belts, car seats and booster seats can assist in helping to prevent head injuries should an accident occur.

People that have sustained a concussion are more likely to suffer an another and prevention is that much more important following a head injury.

If kids aren’t permitted the time and rest needed to heal, concussions can become serious. But safety precautions can help prevent concussions and brain injury.

Concussions in sports are more easily studied than in the general public because of their frequency and the numerous studies on their evaluation and treatment. But it is important to remember these safety measures so that concussions as a whole are detected early whether it is a fall, car accident or during sports activity.

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